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Drug Test Information


Types of Tests Available:

There are 4 types of tests available through the NISA program. There are 3 urine-based tests and 1 oral test.

$1§  The oral test is available in 6-panel only and tests for COC, THC, OPI, mAMP, AMP, PCP (for explanation of the abbreviations see box below).

$1§  The iCup is available in 3 & 10-panel tests and the iCup Adulterants and EZ Split Key Cup tests are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 10-panel and can test for a variety of substances.

$1§   iCup: A zero exposure fully integrated cup drug test. This means that the drug test and collection cup are one complete unit. It is considered no exposure because the tester never has to interact with the sample.

$1§   iCup Adulterants (AD): The same concept as the iCup, except that is also incorporates adulteration or validity testing to make sure the sample has not been altered (peel back the sticker and match up the color chart).

$1§  EZ Split Key Cup: While similar to both iCup models, the Split Key Cup does not begin to run until a provided key is inserted by the tester—this allows the specimen to flow to the testing region in order to obtain results.

$1§  All three urine tests have a temperature strip on them to help determine any possible sample adulteration. A photocopy template also comes with all iCup orders, which aids in documentation purposes.

$1§  Lab services are available at an additional cost. However, use of the associated lab is not required. Samples can be sent to any lab for confirmation.  Please contact the NISA Business Office with any questions.


Name of Drug


Name of Drug




















Tricyclic Anti-Depressants



Ordering Guidelines:

$1§  Minimum Order: 25. All tests are sold in boxes of 25 and cannot be broken down. All products are fully functional for 18 months.

$1§  Payment is due at the time of order (7-10 days from date of invoice). If payment is not received within 7-10 days of order all future orders will be subject to pre-payment requirements.

$1§  Shipping Charges will be added once order is processed. All shipping will be via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. All orders will be shipped within 24 hours of processing.

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