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As staffing professionals, we are responsible for adding value to both the organizations and the employees we serve. Therefore, we contribute daily for the ethical success for all. We are also advocates for the entire staffing industry by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value. In order to foster the highest level of competence and ethical practices in the staffing industry, each NISA member pledges their support of, and adherence to, the principles set forth by this organization. Through voluntary compliance with these principles, NISA members acknowledge that such compliance is the in the best interests of all NISA members, customers, employees and for the industry as a whole.

  • NISA members shall comply with all state and federal laws and regulations applicable to their business. As well as to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct within the operation of that business and in their dealings with all employees, customers, competitors and other NISA members.
  • NISA members will strive to meet the highest standard of competence and commit to continuing to strengthen those competencies at all times.
  • NISA members shall satisfy all applicable employer obligations, including payment of the employer’s share of social security, state and federal unemployment insurance taxes and workers’ compensation – and to ensure that their employees are aware that the staffing firm is responsible for such obligations.
  • NISA members will to create an environment that encourages all individuals to reach their full potential in a positive and productive manner.
  • NISA members must be willing to work together to share business on a national basis and are encouraged to fully discuss and agree on conditions that govern the relationship before any information is exchanged. If you have customers or candidates who want to work with your company in other locations, you can contact the NISA Business Office for referral to the NISA member(s) located in desired location. Any complying firms shall respect the client company relationships of referring firms and shall not use shared information for any business development purposes. Any confidential information that is shared among the members must be treated as such.
  • NISA members shall not in the course of advertising, public relations efforts, or any other activity, engage in untrue, unfair or misleading criticism of any other NISA member, person or organization.
  • NISA members shall ensure that their workplace is an equal opportunity employer. All work environments should be free from discrimination based upon sex, race, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, income level, non‐job‐related disability, veteran’s status, or membership in any other protected class. NISA members shall not knowingly violate any law prohibiting discriminations upon organizations or individuals.
  • NISA provides adequate means for assuring adherence by NISA members to its code of ethics. To further the effectiveness of these procedures, each member shall be responsible for bringing to the attention of the NISA Operations Manager any violations of this code. The NISA Operations Manager will consider and protect the rights of all involved during the acquisition and dissemination of any information while ensuring truthful communications and facilitating informed decision‐making. Where the factors warrant it, the Operations Manager will present the matter to the attention of the President and Board of Directors for their recommendations.
  • All NISA members shall cooperate with, and permit at any time, a complete and thorough investigation of an alleged violation of ethics that has the possibility to reflect negatively on both the business practices of the staffing service and the network by an agreed 3rd party appointed by NISA and shall abide by any decision reached through the investigation.

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