Only one firm from a specfic market may hold membership in NISA. This covers up to a 50‐mile radius. If a city has a population of over 100,000, NISA will allow 1 membership per 100,000 people. In the event that a prospective member would like to join where there is already a member, the President has the right to approve or disapprove them joining the network with consultation of the current member.

EXCEPTION: Current member works only industrial and prospective member works only medical.

NOTE ‐ A member's territorial exclusivity will expire if someone from their office has not attended either the annual Owner’s Meeting or the annual National Convention during the previous 2‐year period.

Membership takes effect once the application has been approved and dues have been collected. Membership term lasts for one year or until January 1st of the following calendar year. Members are responsible for providing a written declaration of resignation and will be liable for any and all dues and/or fees incurred during their membership.

Membership Dues are paid annually. Dues can be prorated according to need. Dues for additional branch offices (profit centers) are per office/per year.

No franchise or national firms will be permitted to hold membership. In the event that a current member is purchased by a franchise, their membership will be immediately terminated.

NISA will review all prospective memership applications and publish prospective names, locations and general information in the weekly newsletter for full membership approval prior to confirming membership.

  1. Any member objecting to a prospective applicant must submit their objection in writing to the Business Office within 7 days of notification.

Membership will not be refused on the basis of race, sex, age, creed, national origin or disability. VII. Inclusion of branch offices is not required by NISA. However, any member that has an additional office, which is not a registered NISA member, will not be allowed to share any NISA materials and/or information with non‐member office(s) and will not have territorial rights for that market.

Members must have a signed Lending Library Agreement on file in order to participate in the program. IX. All members must agree to, and abide by, the NISA Code of Ethics and Policy Manual. Any breach of these agreements can result in termination of membership.

All members must meet and comply with the NISA requirements for participation in E & O Insurance. Those requirements are:

  1. General Liability Coverage with a minimum limit of $500,000.
  2. Policies and procedures in place regarding harassment, FLMA, EEOC & ADA.

New members should commit themselves to a minimum 1 year period.

Members are encouraged to attend and contribute to annual NISA meetings. Members who choose not to attend and participate in those meetings will miss out on valuable information and networking opportunities.

If you are interested in pursing membership please read the NISA Code of Ethics and complete the online membership application. The completed application will be reviewed by NISA and information regarding membership status will be given within 5 business days. Once an application is received you will be contacted by the NISA Business Office. If you have any questions please contact the Business Office at (920) 720‐5325 or via email at