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Legal Name of Service

Gulf Coast Business Credit


Gulf Coast Business Credit


Austin, Texas


(512) 372-8847


(512) 258-5895


Chrissy Sphar



Gulf Coast Business Credit is a division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. Together, the collaboration has created one of the largest independent accounts receivable factoring firms in the United States. Our target market is small and middle market staffing companies. GCBC has clients located throughout the United States and production offices in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Arizona.


Established in 2000, Gulf Coast Business Credit is the Factoring Division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company specializing in accounts receivable financing within the staffing industry. Gulf Coast Bank, an FDIC insured financial institution, is a $900 million community bank, well capitalized with 60 million in equity and assets. Gulf Coast Business Credit is one of the largest factors of receivables in the South/Southeast and buys over $1 Billion per year in receivables. Gulf Coast Business Credit is basically in the business of managing companies’ accounts receivable functioning. GCBC provides the services of its credit department, and assists in collections of accounts receivable.

Products Offered
  • Banks & Factoring Services

References can be provided upon request. Since we are a division of a Bank (Gulf Coast Bank & Trust) we must first attain client permission.

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