NISA Nuzzles Vol 4 Nuzzle 9, April 22, 2020

Apr 22, 2020

NISA Nuzzles Vol 4 Nuzzle 9, April 22, 2020

How to Recruit and Hire During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Due to COVID-19, many companies have gone completely virtual. If you’re hiring, here’s what you need to know to successfully adapt your recruiting process.

With COVID quarantines in full effect across the country, many companies have shifted to fully remote operations. However, hiring for essential positions can’t stop just because you’re not physically in the office.

If your company is looking to fill positions right now, you will need to adapt your regular recruiting efforts and keep your candidate pipeline full in this new remote work landscape.

"Companies that are [recruiting] new talent during the pandemic will need to make some common-sense changes to standard procedures, such as using video conferencing tools for interviews," said Will Bachman, co-founder and managing partner of Umbrex.


The reality of remote recruiting and hiring

While the abrupt transition to full-time remote work may be challenging for companies, this situation could be extremely beneficial if you’re recruiting. According to Bachman, full-time employees who are now working from home will have greater flexibility to take a call from recruiters.

"Additionally, the pandemic is causing many employees to question many assumptions about their life, and so a greater percentage of the talent pool may be open to a discussion about a new role," Bachman added.

With the opportunity to snap up top-notch talent for your team, companies need to ensure their recruiters are ready and able to keep the candidate pipeline running smoothly. This includes equipping them with the technology they need to work from home and having the proper reporting channels in place so everyone can be kept up to date about open requisitions, said Bachman.

How to communicate with and onboard candidates if you’re hiring during COVID-19

If your company’s hiring strategy has changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kristen Ribero, director of enterprise marketing at Handshake, recommends that companies take a proactive approach and close the loop on all open communications with active candidates. With so many things currently in flux, candidates will remember and appreciate companies that keep them informed in personalized, empathetic ways throughout these new hiring processes.

"Checking in on people or sharing brief status updates can go a long way in building trust," said Ribero. "They’ll notice little things, such as using their first name and sending a small personal note rather than something that reads like an email auto-response."

If you’re looking to hire in the near-term, Bachman said employers should allow new hires to work from home until the pandemic is under control.

"Establish procedures to on-board employees remotely," he noted. "Employers will be in a particularly strong position to attract top talent if they can design roles that allow working from home on an ongoing basis."

"Make sure you take the time to introduce new employees to the company through virtual meetings and encourage team members to welcome new employees through short email or Slack messages," added Ribero. "Arrange a virtual office tour for potential hires, or even a virtual presentation about different job roles at your company."

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