NISA Nuzzles Vol 5 Nuzzle 30 February 10, 2021

Feb 10, 2021

NISA Nuzzles Vol 5 Nuzzle 30 February 10, 2021

9 Reasons To Choose On-Demand Staffing App

Staffing agencies can use smartphone apps to recruit candidates on-the-go in ways that were never before thought possible.

These days, everyone lives on their phones: reading news, talking to friends, taking pictures, listening to music, and much more. Now more than ever, staying mobile is key to staying relevant. With its trending popularity in recent years. The convenience, simplicity, and speed of mobile apps cannot be beat, making slow-paced recruiting a thing of the past.  Here are 9 reasons why your agency should consider a staffing app:


1.  Talent Trends

Businesses and organizations often demand talented and worthy staff to make them stay strong in the market. If you are a staffing agency, understanding what both the employees and employers are looking for is the priority. Because you will be the one who is going to serve what both the parties are asking for. 

No employer wants to put their organization’s reputation on stake due to less deserving or non-worthy staff. 

Through an application, you can have a digital eye on what is in demand in the market, your client’s competitive landscape and requirements, addition/cutting of legal guidelines, workplace flexibility along with how AI is turning scenes. The right recruitment of the staff matching the criteria given can never be substituted with any other practice. Thus, getting started with your staffing application should be your top priority.  


2. Managing Unemployment Rates

When the unemployment rate is low, it poses great difficulty for a staffing firm to figure out deserving and knowledgeable candidates. To curb this situation, staffing firms need to look at ways to find and grow talent pools. 

One of the best practices to get started with the same is figuring out if an employee is the right fit for the job or not.To support the practice, a staffing application can be a great tool. Through the staffing application, if a person is looking for the required profile can connect with the staffing firm directly. Once done, the staffing firm can proceed with the initial interview phase. 

By acquiring the insights, the firm can further proceed with filtering if the interviewee is the apt choice for the client’s organization or not.A staffing app is the best way to connect a job seeker to the firm. 


3. Performance Management

Being a staffing firm, you might have witnessed the employee’s feedback from the organization itself. The feedback in negative remarks can make your client dicey about your working management.  Performance management and monitoring can be a challenge for you!In that case, a staffing application can become a savior. 

By filling in the details of employees, you can get a closer look at the workplace performance of the same. Also, on the other hand, an organization through the application can mark the performance of the employee. The practice later will result in performance management- something that will give you a clear picture of the overall performance of the employee for later recruitment purposes.

Also, the good performance of the employee will reflect the working of your firm too. It will create an impact on employees’ success as well as.


4. Ensuring The Candidate Is The Right Fit

It is frustrating for both the client and on your side to recommend a candidate that fails to serve the organization before the trial period ends. The organization on the other side had made an investment on that employee too. Finding the right fit as per the organization’s requirements is extremely difficult. 

Making things fall perfectly, there is no better way than a staffing application. Once the candidate gets connected to you through the application, you can simply process it with the next phase. The next phase will revolve around the skills, and knowledge of the candidate. If everything fits flawlessly as per the organization’s requirement, you are good to recommend the candidate. 

After all, recommending candidates as per the requirement will result in the overall performance of your staff agency. 


5. Instant Hiring For A Demanding Role

Though organizations hire people as per their projects requirement but many a time, some temporary projects require demanding new skills. That results in making the organization ask for urgent hiring. And believe it, urgent hiring requires extensive talent search and continuous interviews too making the process time-consuming too. 

This problem can be easily tackled through staffing applications. With the help of staffing apps, organizations can notify about their hiring requirements. On the other hand, you can get started by looking for the candidate. 

If the requirement matches the candidate’s profile and organization’s requirement, the situation will result in ending the quest. 

Being a staffing firm, it is your daily task to find the right candidate as per the profile. Through the candidates’ profile, you get an insight into his/her skills and profile.

But when it comes to the organization’s profile, figuring out their hiring/policies along with the requirement can be considered another task. 

The two-way process can be streamlined with the integration of on-demand staffing apps. 

Companies can list their hiring/firing policies along with the necessity for the profile through the staffing application.


7. Rules & Regulations (Legislation)

Every country has its own set of rules & regulations along with laws and legislation. Following the same makes the organization not to fall into legal trouble. Through an application, the instant changes in the legislation process can be easily made in it. 

This is another challenge for both the staffing firm as well as for the organization. But with an application, the ease of finding out the rules & regulations along with government legislation can be read. Through the application, nothing will go wrong in terms of hiring or recruiting the candidate followed by all the terms and conditions.


8. Attracting Qualified Talent the First Time

When there is no middleman involved between you and the candidate, the ease of connecting becomes much easier. When you invest in On-demand Staffing App Development, candidates along with organizations can directly connect with you. The need to include a middleman or mediator will get eliminated here.

This way, approaching the right candidate for the required profile will get streamlined. 


9. Combating Talent Shortage

Job Seeking is a never-ending process. Being a staffing firm, you know it better. You must have approached many candidates and also interviewed many. Finding the apt candidate from the sea pool of job seekers is a task. 

But with an application, things will get streamlined in just a click.Through the on-demand staffing app, you can directly connect with the job seekers and connect with them. Once done with it, figuring out the talented and skilled candidate will remain a task but not chaotic, like it was earlier. 


With these 9 points,  on-demand staffing app can speed up your hiring process and save you time and money in the long run.

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