NISA Nuzzles Vol 2 Nuzzle 10 May 30, 2018 Talk and Listen to Your Staff

May 30, 2018

NISA Nuzzles  Vol 2 Nuzzle 10  May 30, 2018  Talk and Listen to Your Staff

Talk and Listen to Your Staff


This week, a really cool thing to do to help you grow your business this week, is to set aside a half hour for each of your staff members, over the coming weeks. Managing staff is both the most difficult thing you’ll do in your business as well as your greatest opportunity for making more money, having more fun and achieving your business goals.

And here is the thing: It’s been proven over and over again all round the world that staff want to be managed, they thrive on it, as long as the managing is done in an empowering, supportive, coaching kind of way.

So this next month, book in a half hour coffee with each of your staff members one-on-one.

Prepare three questions:


Kibbles n’ Bits


1. What are you proud of in the past month? - Hiring responsible and reliable workers is key. Reliability and responsibility in staff include punctuality, completing all parts of their given assignments, and professionalism. This question gets them thinking and also states what goals and objectives have been met and what still needs to be worked on.  Which leads to the next question:

2. What would you like to improve upon?- When your staffing agency is approached by a business with an assignment, you then have to look at who from your staff is suitable. When hiring your staff, be sure to thoroughly test the skills and potential of your staff. By asking your staff an improvement question, it aids in you as a manager on what you can do to make it easier for the business to run more smoothly as well.

3. How can I best help you in that? - Dedication and commitment to a business is important, especially in the temporary staffing industry because as opposed to a salaried job, a temp’s employment usually comes with an end date. Be sure your technology is up to date and your staff has the right tools for the job. Be sure the people hired have the right experience as well before they are hired.



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