Upcoming WEBINAR! January 15, 2019

Jan 10, 2019

NISA 2019 Online LinkedIN Webinar

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Join us on Tuesday, January 15th and Rebecca Twomey, Director of Marketing at Criteria for Success, will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate sales leads and nurture relationships--all at the same time.

How to Generate Sales Leads Using LinkedIn:

2 Tried-and-True Methods to Target, Prospect, and Close Sales Deals Without Cold Calling

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 NISA provides members from around the country an unique opportunity to come together and discuss your small business successes and issues now in a webinar format.  Network with the best!

When you think about generating leads using LinkedIn, what comes to mind? Let’s set the scene:
  • You sign in to LinkedIn
  • You scout for potential prospects
  • You request connection with potential prospects
  • You send a carefully crafted message to said potential prospect
  • Rinse and repeat… 100 times… 200 times?
  • You receive 5 replies
  • You actually speak to 1 of these potential prospects
  • Sound familiar?
  • What if there was a different way... a better way... to target, prospect, and close sales deals using LinkedIn?
  • Guess what? There is! And you’ll learn about it in this webinar! 

    No more cold calls, no more gimmicks.

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